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Prof. Dr. A.Gopal engineering Admin officer &computer Scientist & medical technology & Management Admin officer- orugallu technology software industry with Govt india university road,hanamkonda,Warangal city -t.s india -contact Phone: 8185944713 web orugalluindiaonlinecollege.net,indiainfonet.net
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Dr. A.Gopal Proffesor Computering medical technology & Computing Scientist & Medical Technology Scientist enginering & software enineering Admin officer & Proffessor computing medical Technology -cotact Phone: 8185944713 - Prof. Dr. A.Gopal -Management Admin officer -phone: 8185944713 orugallutechnology india software industry-
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Dr. A.Gopal - Comptuer Scientist & Medical Scitist TEchnology & Software engineering -Govt india Contract & Management Admin officer orugallu TEchnology india software industry & Univeristy study center Educaiton: Post Doctaral Fellow medical computing enginering,Persuing: 2019-2020- persuing Technology,Scientific Computing ,foresic Technology healht care Technology ,Software medical technology,gentics bioinformaitcs,Govt admin technology,educatin Technology,foresnsic Technolgy,cyber security.
Ph.D Doctor of Philsophy - Scientific Computing,medical Technology,health care Technology agricultur technology ,softae technology -2015-2018 - Award year 2018 M.Sc(software enignering)-Warangal-India,M.Philospy Scientifc computing-2010-Indira gandi naitonal open univeristy,vinaka mission 2010- hyderabad-telangana- India Proffession job at age:29 year 2015- Govt.india Contract Young Comupter mediacl Scientist & engineirng software engnering Admin officer Proffessor Computing enginering online and regallu courres orugallu TEchnology Univeristy Govt indiastudy center & orugallu technology india softare industry comptuerig engineer softare contract & traingg & Placement hr consultency Management Admin officer web www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in www.indiainfonet.net he is arya vysya hindu ts india - contact Phone: 8185944713
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india online educaiton orugallu technology india software industrty web new web India the web online orugallutechnologyindia.co.in is web new india web online orugallu technology online we with web indiainfonet.net
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_schemes_of_the_government_of_India indi govt social welfare & education schmes india
orugallu technology india software industry - University road,hanumaan hanumaan nagar,hanamkonda,Warangal city & near Public gardens,kishanpura,hanamkonda,Warangal city ts india. -Telagnana india
Dr. A.Gopal - Proffessor Computer engineirng & medical Technology & & Management Admin officer Music Composer with Computer Software. &
India Forensic Security officer Services & Management Admin officer -orugallu technology india software industry -hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana india ,hanamkonda,Warangal city ts india
phone: 8185944713
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About Dr. A.Gopal he is arya vysya hindu unvieristy bhratiya acadamic team india-Phone: 8185944713


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Prof. Dr. A.Gopal - Phone: 8185944713